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Activity Level

After surgery our goal is to get you moving as soon as possible safely.  If you lie in bed or sit in a recliner all day, you are more likely to get a blood clot in your leg and possibly end up with stiffness in your joint.  On the other hand, if you try to do too much exercise too soon you will have more inflammation and more discomfort, leading to a much longer recovery.  There is a balance between mobilization and allowing adequate time for healing.  One of the most important objectives is to avoid falling.   You will be able to put full weight on your leg immediately after surgery.  But your muscles will not quickly respond if you were to catch your toe and trip.   You will be clumsier in the first couple weeks after surgery then you appreciate.  Therefore, we will guide you through a progression from using a walker to a cane to no ambulatory aids to avoid a fall.  The timetable for this is largely dependent on your preoperative strength and balance.  The Physical therapist will help guide you through the steps.   In general, we would like you to get up and walk in the home at least every hour for a short distance. While sitting in your chair or in bed, every 10 to 15 minutes you should do a number of ankle pumps to keep the blood flowing in your legs.