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Patient Testimonials

I am a retired arthritis physician who developed progressive osteoarthritis from an old college football injury. During recent years pain and instability had begun to significantly interfere with my winter passion of snowboarding. I saw Dr. Stickney on recommendations from several former colleagues. He replaced my knee last May. The entire procedure, including preoperative and postoperative care, went without a hitch, and exceeded my expectations. I’ve been able to get back on the diamond and double diamond slopes this season without any problems. In fact, I was able to log over 25 vertical miles of terrain during a 9-day trip in January. I consider my new knee to be an early present for my 70th birthday, which I will celebrate later this month. Thank you Dr. Stickney!

Jon W.

Exellent doctor and staff. I had a great experience with my hip replacement.I was back to work after two weeks.I will highly recommend Dr. Stickney and Tim Billings were very professional and helpful
Toril S.
The Surgery with Dr. Stickney was great Wound healed very fast and very well. Pt's who saw it thought it had been a month since the surgery and it had only been a week. My healing altogether has been amazingly fast.
Julie P.
I had way above a 10 in pain level on my left knee which was only getting worse. I had bone on bone. I went to Swiftpath, Dr. Stickney and surgery was recommended. I had knee replacement surgery, it went very well, no hospital stay... My pain level after surgery was at the most three or four all week... I had very very little swelling all went well. And yes I have already recommended SwiftPath and Dr. Stickney for a friend‘s surgery.
Melinda A.
I’ve had both knees replaced using the SwiftPath method. The multi-modal approach allowed me to control my pain with very minimal use of opioids. I took two doses to sleep with the first knee and only one on the second. Using nutrition, an ice machine to cool the wound and other medications was very successful. Dr. Stickney and all the staff at Proliance were very helpful in educating us on how to quickly heal from the surgery.
Robert W.
Dr Jeff Stickney is an excellent surgeon. His outstanding staff and the Swiftpath Program are highly recommended to family and friends for joint replacements. My right hip replacement in April 2018 excluded a hospital stay. The consultation, detailed booklet and online information helped me prepare for the surgery. I asked questions to understand all the steps required and was treated in a caring way. I felt minimal pain in my recovery using the cold rush water system to reduce swelling. I am forever grateful for restored mobility to enjoy my normal activities again pain-free.
Linday C.
My overall experience was great. From the first appt. to the surgery, to the follow up appt. my needs were met. I had a total left knee replacement. I should have done it a year to two ago. Checked into hospital at noon, went into surgery at 2:00pm was home in my recliner at 6:00pm the same day. Experienced little or not pain. Constantly took tylenol and Rx anit-inflammatories and used lots of ice. Had good range of motion right away. Could bend to 110 degrees the day after surgery.
Sarah M.
Very organized approach to the presurgery preparations and post surgery expectations.
Nancy P.