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Prepare Your Home Before Your Surgery

After surgery, you will need to use a walker then a cane for a short period of time.  You should practice walking through your house with a walker.  If there are carpets or cords or obstacles remove those prior to having your surgery.  You will need a raised toilet seat and a shower bench for a few weeks postoperatively.  Be sure to purchase those and have them set up before you have surgery.  You will need someone to be with you for the first few days after surgery.  You will be able to walk short distances in the house.  But if you drop your medications on the floor.  Or you fall.  You may not be able to get up without help.  You will not be able to stand and cook or do any shopping for a few weeks.  If you have pets, please think about if it will be safe to have them running around your feet in the first few days while you are walking with a walker.