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Should You Date Your Best Friend? 47 Pros, Cons & Signs To Make Sparks

Keeping your feelings to yourself can allow your best friend to slip away into someone else’s arms – while you sit alone and cry over losing your chance. If you’re hoping to go the distance with your best friend, you’ll already know if your future aspirations align, which will allow you to prepare for the possible path ahead. Dating someone you’ve only been best friends with until now may not be an easy task, but the following pros may just make taking the risk worth it. Those closest to you regularly ask when you two are getting together, and you’re constantly having to convince them that you are just good friends.

We see examples of this in movies, TV and in our lives. How friendship crosses into romantic relationships

“To avoid becoming codependent with them, have faith they’ll do the right thing,” Treva Brandon Scharf, life and dating coach, tells Bustle. “Give them guidance, but also draw boundaries so you don’t take on their pain and suffering.” Give them space to make their own choices and be supportive when they do. Also, let them know when they’re asking too much from you. Listening to someone’s problems and helping them solve it can take a lot out of you.

It’s easy to overanalyze any situation when you’re falling hard for someone, but luckily, there are many signs to look out for that indicate someone likes you, but is hiding it. Ask yourself if you spend time together every day. You might see your friends often, but if you feel the need to check in with this person all the time, every single day, there might be a lot more there than a regular old friendship. Does your day feel incomplete if you don’t talk to your friend? Do you miss your friend, even if you’re just apart for the after-school period of the day? If you’re regularly having never-ending text conversations, we’re talking hundreds of messages a day, then you might like each other.

This might seem like an obvious indicator that someone has feelings for you, but their compliments go beyond appearance. They make cute comments about your sense of humor, your confidence, or even small things like your neat, cursive-like handwriting. “People who have feelings for you will be gracious and appreciative towards you,” Dr. Hafeez says. Who doesn’t get a bit tongue-tied around a crush? “Someone who secretly has feelings for you may act shy or awkward around you and be unsure how to act,” Dr. Hafeez says.

A Dating Coach Reveals What To Do When Your Crush Starts Dating Someone Else

Follow us on Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest and we promise, we’ll be your lucky charm to a beautiful love life. They might just be a funny person but they also might be trying to make you laugh as much as they can. If you notice them making a lot more jokes and even trying to make you laugh specifically, they totally like you.

Are best friends better partners?

Most of us tend to be curious about what we can’t completely understand, especially if there is some mystery around it. Consequently, a lot of questions pop up in my mind. When I have a romantic interest in someone, that feeling of curiosity multiplies by ten — maybe more. Since blood is then brought closer to the surface of the skin, it causes you to blush. If you can keep a conversation going, as well, then it’ll encourage them to do their part. But it’s not always easy to have a conversation with someone you like.

If they have a big smile on their face and their eyes look bright, it’s a good sign that they do like you at least a little bit. If they blush, it’s an even better sign that they like you. Text conversations are never as clear as face-to-face, so the meaning of your messages might get misunderstood by the other person. Try to make sure that you’re not the one who’s making things awkward, even if you’re doing it unconsciously. Whilst it’s always good to be optimistic, in situations such as these, it’s always sensible to be prepared for the knock back. If they’ve said yes and you’ve agreed on a date, give them a little space to digest what’s happened.

They want to see if you’re jealous

At the end of the day, we know exactly how you feel, and we want to help you get through this. So here’s some advice if you want to move forward… Seriously, just watch a few seconds of Riverdale. Yeah, Betty was bummed about Archie and Veronica’s make-out session in the closet, but she managed to keep them as friends. From hair trends to relationship advice, our daily newsletter has everything you need to sound like a person who’s on TikTok, even if you aren’t.

“Occasionally, we fall in love with somebody who have dated one of our friends,” Melamed explains. If you decide to go forward with it, keep in mind that “your friend can be extremely furious with you,” she says. If you did give in and started dating this person then yes, it would be wrong of you to do so. They love him or her and want what’s best for them. If you get in the way of that then you have done both them and yourself a great injustice.

Well, you have to ask yourself why you would even want to secretly tell someone that you like them. Sure, you could send a bunch of flowers with a card saying it’s from ‘a secret admirer,’ but if they don’t know who it is, they won’t know how to feel. Coming out and just stating how you feel is one option – and a good one at that. Otherwise, you can always indirectly tell them by saying how much you’re looking forward to seeing them, or how much fun you had with them recently. Let’s be honest, that ‘perfect’ moment you’ve been waiting for is probably never going to present itself, so you’re just going to have to pick your moment and go for it. If they do misunderstand your intentions, things will get awkward when they finally realize that the two of you are on completely different pages.

And as much as you hate to admit it, your family can sometimes see what’s best for you even before you can. “Avoiding your feelings at the expense of honesty and health isn’t a good thing,” Masini said. Although it might not be easy, you might want to take some time to reflect on how you really feel about the mutual crush and how it may be impacting your friendship.