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Testimonial from Alisa

I’ve been meaning to write for a few months to say how thrilled I am to have my life back given the new hip. I’ve done a lot of traveling this winter & spring. So much so that I forgot to schedule my six month follow up. I am most appreciative of the serious skill, attention to detail and the use of the most up to date techniques, anti inflammatories etc that Dr. Stickney applied to the replacement of my hip. Plus everyone on the team did their utmost for me. I know people have written reviews claiming no pain after surgery, mine review is a little different because I must admit that the alteration of tissue indeed takes time to mend. But it is a steady improvement with no hint of the prior pain that drove me to the decision to have the surgery. I see people in my travels hobbling along with a cane and I recognize that facial grim expression of sheer will to power thru the pain and wish I could send them all to Dr. Stickney. I would say, if you have the ability, do it and get your life back!!!