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Testimonial from Thomas

If one could describe having a knee replaced as an enjoyable experience, this would be it. Dr. Stickney is a superb surgeon and his system is pure genius. His office runs like clockwork and I can honestly say I never experienced anything but courtesy and professionalism. His PA, Tim Billings guided me thru the whole process and the post op checkup was a breeze. He had me so well prepared for this that there was never any doubt or concern and my RN wife care provider felt every base had been covered.

The day I came home I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. That morning the hospital PT had put me through my paces including up and down stairs and I was astounded at how well I did and felt compared to the experience of having my left knee replace 10 years ago at a different clinic. I was comfortably able to use a walker to bathroom and sit up for meals. At one week I gave up the meds except for a little Tylenol. At 10 days I was walking close to normal with just a cane. Showering was a breeze with the new dressing they use.

At five weeks, I went to the Symphony and had no trouble sitting through a 2 hour concert. At that Point I began walking 1/2 mile with no difficulty. My PT stated that he will not have to see much of me as the progress has been so good. The benefits just keep coming. Before surgery aside from the bone on bone severe pain, my hip was acting up as was my left ankle from favoring the right knee. Those two issues have disappeared and it is a blessing.

I can’t help but stress my quality of life has improved dramatically already and I so look forward to a more active routine with my wife, including long walks which were a memory till Dr. Stickney did his wonderful work for me.